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About Green Olive Yoga

Green Olive Yoga was founded in 2018 by Amy Gwaltney Matson. 

The mission of Green Olive is to provide individuals with yoga flows, meditation and energy work focused on soothing your nervous system and allowing your true self to shine though.  Sessions are offered in a safe and confidential setting to foster self-discovery.


The vision of Green Olive is to foster nervous system regulation throughout the community by joining ancient knowledge with modern science.  


A little about me...

Amy Gwaltney Matson

I have been meditating on and off since childhood but I didn't find my asana practice until 2016; by the end of 2017 I was practicing daily and studying under Dani Mae.  I used meditation techniques as a child, without realizing what I was doing, to cope with the severe ear/nose/throat issues I had.  As an adult, my yoga practice began as a way to cope with the physical and emotional demands of my nursing career.  It is through these experiences I learned what beauty the 8 limbs of yoga provides individuals on their path.  During my training with the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, I realized that without a deep understanding of myself, the yoga practice was being used to distract from real growth and wholeness.  

June of 2018, I took a journey to Portugal to attend Bend It Like Buddha YTT where I earned a 200hr Ashtanga Vinyasa certification as well as 9 hrs Ayurvedic Massage training.  October of 2018, I participated in two trauma informed yoga certifications: Trauma Informed YTT with Purple Dot Yoga Project and Yoga for Self-Regulation and Trauma training with Hala Khouri of Off the Mat Into the World.  In 2020, I completed Breath Technique Training and Breathwork Teacher training with Breath Guidance.   I completed 3 years at the Barbara Brennan School of healing.  These trainings have brought me closer to my true self and I am passionate about helping others do the same.        


I am dedicated to a life of learning and I truly believe joining ancient knowledge with modern science is the key to building a healthier self and in turn, a healthier community.  Yoga is for anyone and everyone, if you can breathe, you can do yoga!         


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