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Monthly Morning Meditation

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

30 Minutes of Breath Connection

This meditation focuses on our breath and the connection it brings to the world around us.  If you enjoy a mantra, I invite you to choose your own or simply use the phrase "I am connected to all living things".

This recording was done in the same style as the in person meditations I host the first Saturday of every month. I set a loose intention and let the meditation unfold naturally as my system guides me.  The sound bowl is very quiet in this recording but I feel the vibration plays nicely.  The bowl resonates at 111hz and connects to the 3rd eye.  

Please feel free to share this meditation link with anyone that would enjoy it.  Also, please breathe in a way you find comfortable.  If the guided breath does not resonate with your body, trust yourself to breathe in a way that is best for you! 

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