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Monthly Morning Meditation:

Guided Visualization for Energetic Boundaries

There is so much change and chaos going on in the world, it can feel very overwhelming.  This recording is very personal to me as I use this visualization daily before going to work as a nurse.  I am sharing this recording in an attempt to offer a tool I use to help me navigate the world centered in my own truth.

I consider this recording a guided visualization.  Sharna Langlais shared this with me in her Reiki I class and I have adapted it over time.  The intention is to set an energetic boundary around ourselves to help protect us from absorbing the energy and emotions of others.  I use the term boundaries and protection in this recording.  I want to take a moment to presence "Boundaries and Protection" is the title of an amazing book by Pixie Lighthorse; prior to reading this book, I had not used that phrase.    

Visualization does not come easily for everyone.  If you are someone that has a hard time visualizing, please be gentle with yourself.  There is no right or wrong way to listen to this.  It may be beneficial to set a mantra that holds the same intention as the visualization.  For example "I am held within my own boundaries", "I am grounded and centered within my self", or "I am an individuated piece of the whole, only love enters my system". 

Please feel free to share this link with anyone that would enjoy it. 

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