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Yoga Nidra: A Luscious Green Field

Yoga Nidra, otherwise know as yogic sleep, allows your body to enter a deeply relaxed state with ease. The body sleeps while the mind stays lucid. The listener simply lies down in a quiet and comfortable space to enjoy a serene and relaxed space. During the Nidra, if the body and mind need additional rest, one may fall asleep; the benefits of the Nidra will still occur.

Within Yoga Nidra, there is space to insert a sankalpa or souls resolve. The sankalpa is a message to your subconscious. It may be a simple statement or a profound idea. There are many ways to create your own personal sankalpa.

I wrote and recorded this 52 minute Yoga Nidra to help you relax and reset. This Nidra fills the listener with love, clears the chakras and allows for a gentle look at our emotional bodies. It was written and recorded during the COVID19 pandemic with an intention to ease anxiety and increase a sense of safety. Any sankalpa can be used during this Nidra, however, I recommend choosing one in relation to your emotional body.

This is my first attempt at recording audio. It is done in video format but the video is blank the entire time as there is nothing to see. Simply find a cozy spot to relax and listen. My son came up with the idea to put the large file on YouTube and my husband helped me execute that idea. I would like to send them acknowledgment and gratitude for this help. Without them, this Nidra would still be alone on my laptop!

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