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Monthly Morning Meditation

30 Minutes of allowing whatever is present

This recording provides a safe space for you to really lean into your emotions and feel whatever is present. All too often we can use our meditation practice as a way to cope with, or avoid, our emotions. I invite you to take this time to sit with the discomfort of everything that is happening in the world, and in you. Your emotional response is not good or bad, right or wrong. It simply is. The more we learn to lean into ourselves and honor everything that is truly present the more we allow space for true healing to occur.

This recording was done in the same style as the in person meditations I host the first Saturday of every month. I set a loose intention and let the meditation unfold naturally as my system guides me.  IF you are in a very heavy place (depression, panic, etc.) I caution you to listen to yourself and honor if this is the right space for you to enter. You have the choice to disengage from this recording at any time.

Please feel free to share this meditation link with anyone that would benefit from it.  Also, please listen with the awareness that I am discussing the pandemic and the protests in order to hold an open space for you to feel whatever is present within you during this time in human history. This is not a recording to help you feel better for the next 30 minutes. You are invited to listen from a place deeply rooted in our shared human existence. To honor the parts of yourself that are sometimes hard to hold. To allow emotions to crash over you in waves with the knowledge that even the most treacherous seas eventually settle.

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